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Making a Difference


By: Gina Caswell Kelly

There is a song that has been out a few years called Home. The first time I heard it, Michael Buble was singing it. I think it was written about a musician on the road and he is missing his wife and home. (Anymore, who knows what it could have been about!) But to me, it made me just miss home. And by home, I mean the way of life I had come to love and gotten so used to. As content as I am with my life, even now, I miss that feeling of “home.”

I think we all feel that way at times. The life we had when we were kids. The fun at school, at sporting events, making the drag on Saturday night. We miss being with our family growing up. That security we felt knowing who would be there when we got home. The stability of family life back then.

We miss the years when we were first married and everything was such an adventure and so much fun. Then when babies started coming and growing. So much fun watching them grow and learn.

Home is not a place you can direct someone to. Home is in your heart and in your memories. Home is the place where your heart smiles and rests. Home is that sense that no matter what else happens in the world, you will be okay.

I think for a Christian, home is in the arms of the Savior. That once and for all security and assurance that someone is with us all the way through. The knowledge that nothing that comes your way will be too big for Him to handle. Home is knowing that when it all ends, you will once again be … home.

For Christians, this world is not our home. We are just passing through and trying to make it a better place for everyone. In that old song that I just quoted, it says, “The angels beckon me From heaven’s open door And I can’t feel at home In this world anymore.”

I am not really sure we are supposed to feel at home here. I think the things that go on around us make us long for heaven more and more. But, as long as we are here, we have a job to do. We have to work hard to make sure that all those we love get the opportunity to go “home” one day too.

If you have not yet given your heart to the Savior. If you don’t have that knowledge that heaven will one day be your home, then you need to accept Him today. Don’t waste another second of life in this world. Don’t spend another minute living without the Savior.

This world in which we live is getting more difficult every day. The challenges are so many. The questions. The concerns. But, if you have trusted your life to Jesus, if you have given Him your heart, then this world is not your home. We pray and we serve. We do the best we can, every way we can, but we know that one day we will at last really be home.

Home. It makes a difference.

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