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Land of Enchantment, Land of Opportunity

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. The Southwest state delights and gives great pleasure to its people earning it the enchantment motto. What if Artesia enchanted and delighted all those who visit and call this town home? As community members, we should all take a vested interest in the growth and improvement of our lovely little town. Artesia is quite literally atop a desert oasis, however, many of its residents travel many miles to dine, shop, and recreate. 

What do those other places have that Artesia does not? (Besides Target, we see you Roswell). What would Artesia need to keep its families here, spending money? Perhaps a few more entertainment options. Main Street is ripe for something new. Whether it be an improved movie theater, another cool and family friendly restaurant, batting cage, ax throwing, escape room, the possibilities are there. 

Artesia is home to imaginative, bold, and intrepid minds. Minds that could catapult this town from being lost to the big box franchise abyss. Artesia is on the cusp of change, and that change could mean economy and industry for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In a town that bleeds orange, red, white, and blue, how can we turn our backs on the American dream? If you have the next big idea for Artesia, check out the Artesia Chamber of Commerce’s economic development website. You’ll find oodles of details about bringing your ideas to life and leads to contact about your plans. If you’re curious about the steps needed to open a new venture check out this handy guide to opening a business in New Mexico that the City of Albuquerque maintains.

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