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I was working on the top ten news stories of the year a couple of days ago and I was talking to someone about what the top stories should be. He started throwing out all these national news stories that had him so very disgruntled. I told him I was really looking for local top stories. His argument was that what happens nationally is very much local. He does have a point. This conversation got me started thinking about top stories.

As I was scrolling through last year’s stories, I saw obituary after obituary. I thought about how each one of those obituaries was some other person’s top story of 2021. The point where their life changed completely. I saw wrecks and house fires. Definitely top stories for someone else. But not a top story in the big picture. This was sad to me. These life changing events are so very important to others, but not big enough for a news media top story.

Every single person’s top story is going to be different. My top story would likely be so far from your top story. I am not even sure what my top story for this last year would be. I would like to say my top story would be that this was the year I lived a life completely dedicated to following my Savior. I would like to say that, but it would not be true. I would like to say that 2021 was the year that I saw all my family members come to know Jesus and begin to live for Him. I would like to say that, but it would not be true.

The thing about a news media top ten is that it has to a be looked at with almost no emotion. You have to look and say that this one or that one had the biggest impact in the county. Not easy to judge. We tend to color these choices by what happened lately. We forget how horribly impacted or gloriously impacted we were by what might have happened in February.

I wonder if God has His top ten stories. Everything is top ten to Him! His favorite stories are those that have someone accepting His free gift of salvation. Each and every one of them. His top ten would also include seeing His children reaching out to others to help and to serve. His top ten stories would include seeing His churches full of people recognizing His place in their lives. His top ten would certainly include seeing His children loving each other, being patient with each other, being at peace with each other.

Hmmm. It occurs to me that our top ten list should look exactly like His! Those things that are so important to Him should also be at the very top of our list. Certainly, we are going to have life changing events that happen, but the peace that comes from walking with God makes those events easier to handle. That extra peace that comes only from Him.

What does your top ten look like? Does it include anything at all about God changing your life or letting God lead you? It should

Work on changing your top ten this year! Follow God! Worship Him! Serve Him!! It will all make a difference.

By: Gina Caswell Kelly 

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