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Focus Regional Winter 2021 | Team Letter


New Mexico’s culture is rich in history and adventure; many of our customs, beliefs, and legends are inspired by Hispanic and Native American folklore.

In this special regional edition of Focus Magazine, our team tells the tales that make up our heritage and highlights some of the unique traditions that are still prominent in our current culture.
By definition, folklore is the evolving traditions and stories that continue to be passed down through generations. It’s the stories we tell, the recipes we cook, the art we create, and the ways we choose to celebrate. You don’t have to be from New Mexico to appreciate the customs and traditions of the Land of Enchantment.

Lions, tigers, and bears? This isn’t Kansas y’all! This is Southeast New Mexico! We’ve got aliens, Bigfoot, el chupacabra, caves that seem to reach to the ends of the Earth, and Bottomless Lakes. We’ve filled the following pages of our publication with our legends — some real and some stuff of, well, legends.

Here at Focus, we are committed to telling the stories of our people in an effort to conserve and carry on the cultural traditions of our communities. When we share these stories it builds connections between people and creates a more compassionate world. Often, we allow the distinctions in our age, race, or political views persuade us from recognizing our similarities. This collection of stories allows us to connect with our history and gives those who read an opportunity to understand and continue that connection.

Thank you for taking the time to read this special issue of Focus Magazine. We’d like to encourage you to take notice of the local businesses you see on each of these pages; without their support we wouldn’t be able to continue producing this publication.

If you haven’t already, please check out our website for links to previous magazines, regional news, and community events for Southeast New Mexico. Our team is working hard to keep the site current with daily updates and all the good news happening in our region!

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Lajuana Martinez, Publisher

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Jessica Addington, Editorial Director

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Kaity Hirst, Editorial Director

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Tessa Fontanez, Graphic Designer

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Jessica Arenivas, Copy Editor

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Letter originally published in Focus on Regional 2021 Winter edition.

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