Drive Up Lines for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster


The COVID-19 vaccines rolled out earlier this year. Now, in time for the seasonal spike in maladies, the COVID-19 vaccine boosters are available. Boosters are not being administered in nearly as many locations as the original vaccines. Pediatrician offices, pharmacies, and the hospitals are not offering large scale vaccine clinics akin to the ones offered in January through June of 2021. Instead, Public Health offers the Moderna shot as a drive through option for individuals due for the booster. 

6-10 cars wait in a line at any given time to receive the booster administered by members of the military in including the army and the military police. Individuals are asked a set of questions regarding their current health status and the responses are noted on tablet devices. After the questions have been answered, the booster recipient rolls up their sleeve and offers their arm out the window of their vehicle to receive the jab. After the quick administration of the dose followed by a bandage, drivers are asked to pull their cars forward and park for 15 minutes to check for any adverse responses to the vaccine.  

If you remembered your vaccination record card, the attendants will add the number of the dose and the lot number to the card. If you forgot the card or lost it, the attendants can provide a new version of the card or a printed 8.5 x 11 version. Drive up vaccine clinics were unheard of before 2021, but the ease and convenience of the set up means that drive up vaccine clinics may be a recurring feature of the cooler season. 

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