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In the midst of celebrating the achievements of Cavern City’s diverse youth, we’d like to take a moment to FOCUS on our community’s youth in need: residents of the local Foundry Home.

The Foundry Home is a program of the Cavern City Child Advocacy Center, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. Foundry Home is a temporary shelter for runaways, homeless children, trafficked teens, and foster kids aged twelve to seventeen years old. There are ten beds in the home, and the youths receive round-the-clock services for 21 days until permanent (safe) accommodations can be secured. Foundry Home is a network of support for the youths of Carlsbad and Southeastern New Mexico. Individual and family counseling, medical care, school support, career exploration, life skills, enrichment activities, and more fall under the umbrella of services available to the youths who cross the threshold of the home. In addition to being an all-around phenomenal program, the youths and staff at Foundry Home endured a two-week lockdown due to a COVID-19 exposure. Four youths and two staff members sheltered in place at the home during the last part of July and early August. For fourteen days, the kids and staff passed the hours in new cooking adventures, movie marathons, and art projects. Focus visited with youth at Foundry Home to talk about their experience during this time; one young lady (names are not used to protect the kids) explained that the lockdown was not a chore. The lockdown allowed her and the other residents to spend more time with staff members. “The staff is really nice,” she said. Her favorite film of the movie marathon was Secretariat because horses are her favorite animal, and she would love to explore a career as a veterinarian.
Foundry home
movie room

Brandy Ackland, Program Director of Foundry Home, emphasizes the importance of indulging the kids’ interests. She encourages everyone who comes through the doors to “use their strengths as the next step in their journey.” In addition to exploring the veterinary field, current Foundry Home residents are exploring artistic endeavors and nursing programs. Ackland mentions that part of the next steps along these two particular career paths are to connect with Pearl of the Pecos, local artists, and to certified nursing programs in Carlsbad.

Now that the youth and staff are no longer under lockdown, life at Foundry Home has returned to its routine of work and school. The youth and staff will enjoy outings and field trips this fall around Carlsbad. Some of their favorite things to do are to navigate the southern part of the Pecos River using the pedal boat rentals at the Beach, to eat hibachi at the Tokyo Grill, and to wander the Living Desert Zoo.

Group of young people

Learn more about the Cavern City Child Advocacy Center and the Foundry Home at their website: or email Brandy Ackland:

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