Planning a Friendsgiving Celebration


Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated with family members. It’s a time to spend a day bonding between the generations; however, as young individuals and families disperse farther from home to pursue opportunities in new lands, traditions like friendsgiving become ever more this time of year. 

In places like Southern New Mexico where the oil and natural gas field of the Permian Basin, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center bring people from all over the country and even around the world to this corner of the Chihuahuan Desert community and friends become an imported individual’s or a family’s support network. As another year  concludes and end of the year reports and strategic plans for the coming New Year are finalized, reflection is inevitable. Individuals take stock of what’s meaningful in their lives. So far from home, friends and associated communities rank high in importance. Friendsgiving is a way to celebrate those important connections.

During a friendsgiving celebration, friends partake of a potluck, play games, and enjoy one another’s company. The festivities share many of the same activities and meal elements as a familial thanksgiving. The general spirit of gratitude and appreciation is also warmly felt, but the the remembrance that the relationships being celebrated are new and have taken time and a level of risk to build make the time spent during friendsgiving particularly heartfelt.

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