High School Drama Presents!


The Artesia Public High School Drama Department presents “Dracula’s Boarding House!” The performances of “Dracula’s Boarding House” are scheduled for October 14th and 16th at 6:30pm. Tickets are $5 at the door of the Estelle Yates Auditorium. The performance has a run time of 40 minutes. 

Toted as an Abbott and Costello routine meets Frankenstein, the performance will fill the theater with laughs. Read on for the synopsis of the play from hitplays.com:

“After inheriting Uncle George’s country mansion, Lou excitedly packs his bags and decides to explore his uncle’s sprawling country estate with his friend, Casey. Expecting to find a palatial mansion on a peaceful back road not far from town, Lou and Casey discover a dilapidated old home with curtains made out of cobwebs and a spooky coffin in the middle of the room. Tired and hungry, the boys decide to search for food and a place to sleep and soon discover they’re being watched by Dracula’s hungry wives, Lydia age 472, Elena, 95 years younger, and Shy, no spring chicken. This leads to a ravenous romp as Lou and Casey try to avoid becoming dinner for this group of restless, not to mention, fanged women.”

Looking forward to more theater in Artesia? The High School will present “Clue” December 3rd and 4th at 6:30pm with $8 tickets at the door.

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