Hispanic Heritage Panel Recap

Zoom view of panel
Ed Garza, Nancy Bradford, Yolanda Navarrete, Diana Molina, Rocio Espinoza, and Raymond Dominguez participated in a panel discussion to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at NMSU Carlsbad. The panel participants arrived from a variety of disciplines: two members contracted and eventually became employees at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant outside of Carlsbad (Ed Garza and Yolanda Navarrete). Others, like Naomi Molina, come from the tech industry and the arts. She is the curator of the current installation at the art museum Icons & Symbols of the Borderlands. Nancy Bradford represented the banking field and Roico Espinoza and Raymond Dominguez the healthcare field and University respectively. 

When asked about their heritage, the panel attributed the older generations with paving the road to success before them through their hard work and dedication. Ed Garza spoke,” the older generations plowed the road” for us. Other contributing factors to their success are mentors. If you don’t have a mentor, get one. A mentor is critical to weigh in on career decisions and trajectory of the future. Other stand out points during the panel was the advice given to show self-respect and to respect others by including them. Wise words for us all to live by. 

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