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Focus Artesia Fall 2021 | Artesia Chamber Director’s Note


We cannot say it enough. Shopping local does more for our community than most people think.

Every time you buy from a local business, a portion of the gross receipts taxes are returned to our city coffers that are then used to finance our roads, parks, public utilities, and amenities. Every time you shop in another city, your tax dollars go to that city instead. While I am sure that city appreciates your support, you would not necessarily be able to enjoy the day-to-day benefits of the money spent here in your own community.

When you do buy in Artesia—whether you are shopping, dining out, getting gas or groceries—look for the Chamber of Commerce diamond. While the taxes you pay at any business in town will benefit our city, Chamber diamond members are often the most active supporters of our community. If diamond businesses are locally owned, more of the money they earn will stay right here in Artesia. These business members also live and shop here themselves. They donate and support our children’s activities and step up in times of need.

Each purchase we make may not seem like a big deal, but every single cent adds up to a better place for everyone. When we push our city government for more amenities and better services, think about our part, as residents, in helping to make it happen.

Do your part: Shop local!


Hayley Klein
Executive Director, Artesia Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development Update

The Artesia Economic Development Program at Artesia Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey on social media a few years ago to get an idea of the types of development our community would like to see.

Despite the COVID shutdowns, we have seen the opening of a Starbucks and anticipate groundbreaking on a Popeye’s in the very near future.

The Economic Development Program has several other leads to pursue including some small business opportunities looking for an entrepreneur who has the will and the drive to start a business.

If you have an interest, stop by Artesia Chamber of Commerce and visit with Rob to learn about opportunities and resources that may be available to you.

Rob Wachter,
Economic Development Director, Artesia Chamber of Commerce

(575) 746-2744

For more information about the Artesia Chamber of Commerce, visit

Letter originally published in Focus on Artesia 2021 Fall edition.

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