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Focus Artesia Fall 2021 | Letter from the Editor


In this special edition of Focus on Artesia, we recognize the amazing kids in our community.

From animal lovers and athletes to artists and more, the young people in this issue deserve special recognition for their exceptional efforts. Their enthusiasm and energy shine as we tell their stories of courage and resilience. This anthology is a celebration of all the kind, brave, and powerful ways they show up in our community.

Additionally, we included some fun pieces to take you on a walk down memory lane and visited what it was like to be a kid in Artesia decades ago, as well as some insightful ways to use your talent for good. There’s a little bit of everything in this issue, and I hope it sparks your inner child’s spirit and curiosity. Each story is proof that everyone, young and old, can make the world a better place!

While our community kids make the world a better place, it’s also the greatest time of the year—cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice everything is upon us. The aroma of roasted green chile and Friday night lights at Bulldog Bowl fill the wide open sky; there is a special kind of delight that comes with Fall in Southeast NM. Look out for hot air balloons and corn mazes coming soon. Our community offers a ton of fun events and occasions to help celebrate the season.

As always, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our publication. 

Please take notice of the businesses and organizations you see on these pages, we wouldn’t be able to tell these stories without them. I’d also like to thank our special contributors throughout this issue, take a moment to learn a little more about each of them below.

Happy Fall y’all!
Jessica Addington
Editorial Director, Focus on Artesia

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Special Contributors

Morgan Fox Bio

Morgan Fox

I wear many hats: wife, mom, entrepreneur, travel enthusiast, interior designer wannabe, writer, enneagram type 7, margarita connoisseur. The list goes on because, heck, I’m a Gemini too and if you’ve met any of those, you know what I’m talking about. I have a spirit for adventure and hometown pride. I love a good road trip and finding new places to explore.

Devon Carlo Bio

Devon Carlo

As a momma to three young girls, my hands are always full…but so is my heart. Learning life right along with them gives me so much joy, and I pray every day I give them the same happiness that they radiate to me. Living our life the best we can every chance we can, with the foundation of my husband Travis, who keeps us grounded.

Juli Newton Bio

Juli Newton

Show me a kid in Artesia and there’s a good chance I’ve put a paint brush in their hand. Art has long been a guiding force in my life along with family, friends, and music. Catch me on breaks enjoying live music, taking my daughters for ice cream, and living my best cat lady life.


Kaity Hirst

After completing a Master of Arts in English at the University of Montana in Missoula, I became a stay at home mom to a very special daughter and then to a wonderful son. In the midst of raising kids, l moved with my husband from our home in Wyoming to Artesia, NM. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing for Focus as a way to learn more about our Southeast New Mexico communities—there’s never a dull moment. When I’m not at the keyboard, I love to garden, run, hike, and mountain bike.

Junior Thurman Bio

Junior Thurman

I was born in Artesia in 1944 and have resided here most of my life. My wife Vicki and I raised our 5 children here in town and I am now enjoying my retirement. I enjoy hiking and exploring the Guadalupe and Sacramento mountains with old pals. I am a freelance writer and have written three books, available on Amazon, “The Way We Were,” “Drive or Scream,” and “Morning Side.” Follow my Facebook page, “The Way We Were” for some humorous articles and other updates.

Allyson Joy Bio--

Allyson Joy

My role as a wife and calling as a mom to 3 girls are the greatest blessings! I am also a Registered Dietitian and Strength & Conditioning Specialist turned farm girl. Heirloom Acres has been one of the biggest surprises in my life—and one of the greatest joys.

Debbie Nix Bio

Debbie Nix

I am blessed to live in the cool pines of Ruidoso, NM and love to travel in my vintage 1969 Airstream mobile coaching office to places I have always dreamed of. My passion is centered around my clients living their own Passion Driven Life. My style is down to earth, confidential, and promises lasting change to every person I encounter.

Editor’s letter and bios originally published in Focus on Artesia 2021 Fall edition.

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