ADA Ramp Improvements by the NM Community Development Council


You may have noticed a LOT of construction around Eagle Draw and Roselawn Elementary School lately. Quite literally, every corner in the neighborhood surrounding the school received Americans with Disabilities Act compliant ramps and tactile paving. The ramps and yellow, blister-like bumps make the school and neighborhood easier to access not matter how community folks walk or roll. Why the yellow tactile paving? The paving helps folks living with visual impairments detect when they’re about to arrive or leave a sidewalk. If you haven’t been out for a walk or roll lately, go experience the ease of the new features. Push a stroller with your kiddos or grandkids, take your grandparents, great aunts, uncles, or friends out for a spin in their wheelchairs–getting out has never been easier!

Funded by the City of Artesia and a Community Development Block Grant to the tune of $823,787.00 dollars, the impact that the changes will have on the community will be substantial. The engineering for the project was completed by Harcrow Surveying and Constructors, Inc. is the contractor out in the neighborhood working.

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