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DIY Roasted Green Chile

Fresh anaheim chili peppers roasting over a charcoal grill

The equipment required to roast green chilies at home is minimal. You will need the following items:

1).        A gas or charcoal grill (a campfire works well too)

2).       A box of Big Jim, Sandia, or Baker chilies

3).       Gallon sized plastic bags

4).       Tongs and an oven mitt

5).        Food prep gloves to protect your hands (optional depending on chile heat)

To begin:

1).        Preheat your gas grill or kindle the flame on your charcoal or campfire

2).       Wash the chilies in water and dry

3).       Place chilies on a grate above the flames

4).       Rotate chilies regularly with your tongs as each side begins to char and blister

5).       Once all sides are black with char and blistered, add the chilies to the plastic bag and steam them in the bag for up to half an hour.

6).       Once the chilies are cooler to the touch begin peeling the blistered, charred skin away from the rest of the flesh. You may want to wear gloves during this step to protect your hands from the heat depending on the variety of your chilies.

7).       Scrape out the seeds and slice into desired size and portions

8).       Freeze a large batch to last until the following chile season. Enjoy in enchiladas and burgers and all of your New Mexico home cooking.

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