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Update from Mayor Dale Janway

On Tuesday, Carlsbad residents were reminded of an important fact- the rain we get here is only half of the picture.  Rain up in the Guadalupe Mountains put us on the receiving end of a massive torrent of water that surged through the Dark Canyon Draw on Tuesday.  

As always, City and County first responders did an excellent job throughout the day and night. The Eddy County Sheriff’s Department did report one tragic accident – a vehicle apparently drove around a barricade at the intersection of Boyd Drive and Monterrey and was washed away while driving into the swift water. This accident is still under investigation by New Mexico State Police, but at least one fatality has been reported. Please turn around, especially if you ever come to any areas with fast moving water. 

 Cleanup is also an issue across Carlsbad. Our public works crew and other City crews worked through the night on removing debris, but there is still a lot of work left to do. Please avoid all areas with excess debris or garbage. Report any concerns you have to our 311 line and we will make it a priority.  

While there were concerns expressed throughout the day about the Canal Street Bridge (next to La Tienda) possibly being shut down due to high waters, the bridge was not at risk of closure. In some instances, there may have been miscommunication and confusion between that bridge and the San Jose low water crossing. Other bridges at Greene Street and to La Huerta were also not at risk of closure.  Lake Avalon had some overflow but was not at any risk of breaking. Callaway Drive’s low-water crossing and other roads that were closed on Tuesday do remain closed as of late Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday night’s rain did not appear to have a major negative impact. Water appears to be receding and, according to weather reports we’ve seen, the chance of rain is greatly reduced. 

Residential evacuations took place on Tuesday in the Lower Tansil Dam area and along Standpipe Road. Our first responders, and some private companies and residents, did a great job of helping people out. A shelter was set up, but many of those evacuated have opted to stay with family for a few days.  Thank you to the United Way and Faith, Hope & Love for their assistance. The Red Cross Disaster Team has now arrived in Eddy County and is able to assist individuals whose living space has been damaged by flooding. For more information, please call Robert Barber with the Red Cross Disaster Team at (575) 808-9814. 

We have received an outpouring of support from our area business partners, as well as from other groups across the state.  We appreciate all of the concern and offers of assistance. We will continue to post updated information as it becomes more available.


Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway


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