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Focus Artesia | A Collection of Collections: I Love Lucy

FoA2021Spring Collection of Collections

“The shenanigans of Lucy, Ricky and their friends, Fred and Ethyl on their TV sitcom “I Love Lucy” was great comedy. I really enjoyed watching the show and hearing the laughter of the live studio audience. I loved Lucy because she was hilarious and had a big heart, or maybe it was because I could relate to the tall lanky redhead since I was one myself. Knowing my love for Lucy and her sidekicks, my husband, Ken, started me on this collection  over 25 years ago when he gave a limited edition I Love Lucy Barbie Doll and other Lucy memorabilia for Christmas. Every Christmas thereafter he gave me an “I Love Lucy” Barbie Doll, until there was no more to be had except the Fred and Ethyl Mertz Santa and Mrs Clause dolls, which were way out of our price range. Looking at my “I Love Lucy “ collection  and catching an episode every now and then makes my heart happy. If you are not familiar with “I Love Lucy” catch an episode or even try to watch Lucy and  Dezi in their movie “The Long Long Trailer.”

I’m happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways.

– Lucille Ball

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