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Focus Carlsbad Spring 2021 | Letter from the Editor


About a year ago, I stumbled across an Enchanted magazine article about Fred Moore, a north-central New Mexican, who assembled the world’s largest collection of anvils.

Yep, anvils. His collection numbers around 1,400 or so of the blacksmith implement. Mr. Moore began collecting miniature scale-model anvils at first and then expanded to the real-deal, heavy-duty, full-size pieces. The anvil collection piqued my interest because it’s a collection that put New Mexico on the map in a unique way. I mean, how many of us can say we’ve ever had the opportunity to experience a collection of anvils before? Collections come in all shapes, sizes, and subject matter. If a thing exists, you can bet there’s a collection of it out there somewhere.

Mr. Moore’s anvils started me thinking about the kinds of things my family and I enjoy “picking up.” My children are both quite young, 6 and 4, so they’re at a stage where they collect any rock or bug which enters into their line of sight. As parents, my husband and I have had to make a lot of judgment calls about what to keep and what to recommend gets left behind in terms of these “collections.” But, the act of picking up and looking at finds is something that we like to do together. For all the “leverites,” short for “leave ‘er right there” rocks the kids insisted were treasures, we managed to piece together a few great examples of Pecos diamonds, a naturally occurring doubly terminated quartz crystal. For me, our assortment of Pecos diamonds represents our New Mexico home, small but surprising. You’d never guess, out there in the desert, you can stoop down to grasp a nearly perfect crystal right out of the dust. I think that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our community. We are a collection of many different treasures. We are pearls of the Pecos and diamonds of the desert. In the following pages, please enjoy the combined talents of the Focus team to bring you the many facets of our community collections. Read about our unique collectors of flying discs and fast cars. Hear from our new executive director of Main Street, Ashly Key, and our collection of local businesses. We’ve also got the scoop on unique collections at the library and in the Arts and Culture District.

Kaity Hirst
Editorial Director, 
Focus on Carlsbad

Editor’s letter originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2021 Spring edition.

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