The transition from NMSU to Southeastern NM College


Both our Higher Education Task Force and NMSU-C are continuing to work very hard on the upcoming transition into Southeastern New Mexico College. There are thousands of little details going on behind the scenes, such as IT software transitions, that have to take place. The behind the scenes transition processes will be incremental, but the academic path for students at NMSU-C will continue as normal. 

In fact, NMSU-C is planning a nice graduation ceremony this spring and the enrollment process here isn’t going to change. All of the current opportunities exist, but there is also a lot planned for the future. We strongly encourage students to keep enrolling in our college here as we work to add more options.  

One major item on the horizon will be the election of a Board of Trustees for the new independent college. This Board will be aligned along the same districts as Carlsbad Municipal Schools, but will remain separate from that board. There will be five members of the board, and an election is planned for November. Be on the lookout for men and women who you believe would be good board members for this new independent college.

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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