Focus Artesia Spring 2021 | Artesia Chamber Director’s Note


It’s hard to believe we have been living amid the COVID pandemic for an entire year now.

As a community, we have faced and continue to face many struggles together. Of course, it is easy to focus on the negative. Our kids haven’t been in school. Our businesses have suffered. Our restaurants have not been able to offer their customers indoor seating. Recreation and entertainment facilities, indoor and outdoor, have been closed and some have been completely decimated by the mandates.

I hate to say it, but it has been important to stay focused on these problems so we can continue to push for the changes we need for the benefit of our community. Yet, I would argue there are many positives as well.

We continue to see our community come together through many acts of giving and kindness making Artesia special. We already know this about Artesia. Our community rallies when there is a problem or someone is suffering. Every day, I see people doing all they can within their means to support a local business by ordering from a restaurant or doing something to help someone out and for this I am thankful.

We have seen greater interest in the political process and our leaders. Now, that may feel negative at times. Politics, especially in today’s environment, is brutal. But it is good to see citizens engaging and taking an interest in what our leaders are doing and how they are handling these extreme times. Sure over the last few years we’ve been overwhelmed by presidential elections and the fiascos of Washington, D.C. But what happens at the local level matters in our everyday lives. It takes participation to make a community tick and we have seen more citizen involvement.

As we move forward into the balance of 2021, we remain optimistic about our future. Even in our most challenging times, we know Artesia will rise up and do great things. We at Artesia Chamber of Commerce are your partner and are wholly committed to being part of the never-ending process of making Artesia all it can be.

Hayley Klein
Executive Director, Artesia Chamber of Commerce

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Letter originally published in Focus on Artesia 2021 Spring edition.

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