NMPED announces in person learning to resume April 5


In a news conference Monday, New Mexico Department of Education Ryan Stewart said he wants all students back in the classroom by April 5.

This news comes after the state announced all teachers would be eligible to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine by the end of March.

“It is time to ring the bell to welcome our kids back to class,” Stewart said. “You can now get kids back in class for in-person learning every day.”

So when will your school reopen? The department said local leadership will ultimately determine how and when these changes take effect. But that the expectation is that the transition to full reentry should take place by April 5.

“Your school or district administration will determine the timeline that works well for the community… we encourage our school leaders to work with their families, educators, school staff and community members,” the department said.

The department said they would work to support schools and districts so that they can resume in-person learning quickly and safely.

In addition to returning to the classroom, officials announced all school sports and activities could resume without the previous two-week waiting period.

Source: KOAT News

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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