The Quietest Campground


Nestled between Lincoln and Fort Stanton, the Rob Jaggers Campground may be the quietest campground of all time with the added bragging right of having the cleanest vault toilet (outhouse) ever. Seriously, check out the photos below! You won’t believe it! Situated below the rolling hills and just above the quaint Rio Bonito River on an open meadow just off of NM-220, the campground is the home of a number of equestrian, mountain bike, and easy hiking trailheads. The quiet munch and nickers of horses stalled on the site definitely adds a level of deep calm. While many of the camping spots have small corrals and horse troughs nearby, there’s also RV hookups and “dry” spots without electricity or water perfect for pitching tents. Prices for a night vary depending on which amenities your camping style requires; water at your site is $5, electricity is $5, a dump station is $15.

Fall is the perfect time to visit Lincoln County. In the summers, the temperature can be close to that of the heat of the desert below, but the slightly cooler fall temperatures means that it’s possible to enjoy the open, grassland trails within a mile or two of the camp. Thick grass carpets the hills and meadows, while the junipers pleasantly dot the entire landscape. As you wind your way outside of the campsite, the greatest surprises are the changing aspen leaves and other changing deciduous leaves. While the campsite may look like its equestrian only, it’s totally worth checking out in an RV or tent. Enjoy the peace, the quiet, and the unexpectedly clean toilets!

By: Kaity Hirst

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