“Let us play” NM Student’s protest across Eddy County


New Mexico Students for Change is a newly established adovate group created by four student from Artesia High School. On Monday, October 12 students, teachers, coaches, and many other community members gathered at the Bulldog Bowl to hold a peaceful protest against the orders that are keeping NM’s student activities closed. Sheriff Mark Cage and State Representative Jim Townsend both spoke on behalf of the youth of NM and called for our Governor to rethink her cancellation of Fall Sports, New Mexico is one of four states in the U.S. that are not getting to play.

The New Mexico Activities Association was hoping to resume volleyball, golf and cross country during the fall. But the association is being forced to move the three sports to 2021 with other sports.

In response to the protest Friday, the governor’s office issued the following statement:

The state of New Mexico recognizes the importance of youth activities and how meaningful sports and after-school programs are for students and student-athletes statewide. The pandemic, and the state’s worsening health conditions, unfortunately preclude a lot of what we all want to do right now.

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