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It's really hot!

The guys are moaning and groaning and practice is starting to drag. But, all of a sudden, our strong safety breaks on the ball and smacks our scout team sophomore receiver. The ball catapults into the air, gently falling into the hands of our middle linebacker. That guy is a stud; he is tough, rough, and would never bluff. The defensive coaches go wild and a bolt of electricity energizes the whole practice field. Isn’t it funny how one moment you can feel completely worn out and then, in an instant, everything reverses course and everyone on the team is reengaged? It happens in other team settings as well. The manager might be fretting about costs and revenue losses, then, that eager new guy on the sales team announces he hit the jackpot with a huge new client. The whole office is elated and inspired, and the sun comes back out again.

Man, it is so good to be on a team. Teams can be made up of office staff, football players, and married couples. Somehow intrinsically, belonging to a team signifies a helping hand when needed, someone or often many someone’s to cheer with, commiserate with, and well, just be with. Every year around August, various high school teams meet to commit themselves to one goal — the old “one team, one dream” approach. The player on the bench next to you is “all in” and willing to sacrifice for friends, for teammates, for a source of belonging.

Roustabout crews are teams of individuals working their backsides off to accomplish the tasks they were given. Learning to work with a team is such a huge blessing. Churches can feel like teams too. The Bible even speaks to the team concept. In the book of Ecclesiastes, the wise teacher reminds humanity that,

When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life and only to the extent you are clear.

– Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood | Authors of the Passion Test

The team approach model to business incorporates more voices and greater commitment. When executed well in churches, the team model helps every member find support, help, and purpose in every situation.

Artesia has long been known for its great team approach to solving problems. Community leaders team up with business leaders to meet needs, provide quality of life improvements, and strengthen and empower the hurting. Religious leaders team up with school administration leaders to bridge gaps in the cultural war being waged against our families. This team effort gives great encouragement to all who need some good news. In a society dominated by “me, me, me,” let’s take a moment or two and remind ourselves how wonderful it is to belong to a team. Everything is better when we have a team to help us win. Artesia, we are winners and we are one great team!

Article written by Ty Houghtaling and originally published in Focus on Artesia 2020 Fall edition.

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