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Focus on Artesia Fall 2020 | Artesia Chamber Director’s Note



That seems to be the universal word to describe 2020.

I know many of you have some other words in mind, but I think we can all agree that “crazy” fits the bill.

Along with the rest of you, of course, the Artesia Chamber of Commerce has been through a lot of changes and dealing with many unknowns. We have tried hard to keep you updated (check out our Facebook and our website) on COVID-19 news and encouraging #LoveTheLocal action. Our small local businesses need us now more than ever!

Artesia Chamber Shirt Collage

Chamber business has been challenging as we have been unable to plan a calendar of events definitively. We are so thankful to Eddy County and a long list of donors who helped us put an Independence Day fireworks show together. We appreciate the City of Artesia for being willing to work with us to make it happen and provide support. Our Artesia Police Department came out to ensure a safe and fun evening for the whole community. Our Bulldog Breakfast welcoming new staff and faculty to Artesia Public Schools was canceled, but businesses still rallied to supply goodies for our goody bags and door prizes for all the new hires. This community never ceases to amaze!

Throughout this pandemic, we have listened to the community, our businesses, watched Facebook, and participated in many statewide Zoom meetings. We have heard a variety of opinions and attitudes toward our local and state administrations’ positions. What can we do? How can we change things? How can we move forward? When is the right time to move forward?

First and foremost, we believe it is important to respect the attitudes, fears, and concerns of the general public and our business owners. Mask or no mask? We hope common sense and mutual respect will prevail every time.

Beyond our personal interactions with one another, please stay informed. Listen to the Governor. Read the rules and orders. Or, find a reliable source. Are you uncomfortable with the direction we are headed? Do you feel the Governor’s orders have fundamentally protected us? Get informed and VOTE! While the Governor is not up for election this cycle, many other decision-makers are.

You can get registered to vote at the Chamber, among other places. You can update your registration to change parties or your address. You can get voter information at the Chamber.

Looking for a cheat sheet about voting, including who will be on the ballot and where you can vote? Contact us and we will help you find the information you need to be an informed voter. It doesn’t take long, but your one vote can make the difference.

Just. Go. Vote.

Hayley Klein, Executive Director

Letter written by Hayley Klein and originally published in Focus on Artesia 2020 Fall edition.

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