An update on Artesia’s City of Champions Sports Complex


Five months into the City of Champions Sports Complex project, the youth playing fields, nestled within the walking/running track at Jaycee Park, look entirely different. Unbelievably, a full-size soccer field, a full-size football field, 12 youth soccer fields ranging from mini to mid size, and two 50 yard football fields fit comfortably into half of the original Jaycee field. The other half remains open and grassy, and the track is intact and will receive a little TLC as well before the project wraps up in 6-8 weeks.

The new football fields and the new youth soccer fields have turf and filament pellets. Turf for the new full-size soccer field will be installed this week over the six inches of clean gravel already added to manage rain water and drain it away to a neighboring leach field. Bathrooms and concession stands have plumbing and are ready for their concrete slabs to be poured. The bathrooms and concession stand will be an integral part of the entryway to the gated fields.

The City of Champions Sports Complex uses the sprawling acreage of the original Jaycee field efficiently. There are three large sidewalks through the complex to make each field easily accessible to spectators. The complex will be able to host both soccer and football tournaments in addition to regular practices.

Project coordinator, Rocky Hocker, sees the sports complex as increasingly important for the community in light of the pandemic restrictions affecting our youth. I want, “the fields to be a place free of screens where kids can run and move and learn to play together” he says. Here’s hoping that as this donor funded project reaches the finish line that the state restrictions regarding social distancing and crowds begin to ease up.

By: Kaity Hirst

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