Growing concerns for Eddy County students

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Carlsbad Municipal Schools Superintendent Gerry Washburn recently pointed out, as we have, that the state recently shifted its policy from the state “moving together” as one into a model where each county is treated individually. Washburn also pointed out that Eddy County’s total overall rate of infection is comparable to Bernalillo County’s overall rate of infection.

There are also very legitimate concerns about the legality of some parts of the state being provided with a level of educational services that are denied to other parts. Rep. David Gallegos held an information session about an impending class action lawsuit on Friday.

“Based on the data I see, our kids should be back in school,” Dr. Washburn recently said. “Do we have a higher rate than I would like to see? Yes. Do we need to do a better job as a community wearing masks and social distancing? Yes. But at the end of the day, our kids need to (be) back in school.”

Our educators are working very hard to do everything in their power to make sure our kids are provided with the best education possible this fall, but we hear sad stories every day ranging from internet connectivity problems to students simply falling through the cracks.

We agree with Dr. Washburn – our kids need to be back in school.

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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