Women’s Equality Day- August 26th


On August 26, 2020, our nation will celebrate Women’s Equality Day, which was first created by Congress in 1971. Women’s Equality Day commemorates the passage of the 19thAmendment, which granted women the right to vote in 1920. This is a very important centennial for our nation.

Earlier this week, we recognized the accomplishments of many of our local female leaders, including two city councilors, four judges, one county commissioner, one state representative and one state senator. The City of Carlsbad is proud to have such wonderful local leadership.

Our team of directors at City Hall includes Deputy City Administrator Wendy Austin, City Clerk Nadine Mireless, Director of Finance Melissa Salcido, City Attorney Eileen Riordan, Director of Municipal Services and Capital Angie Barrios-Testa and, of course, Municipal Judge Collis Gates Johnson. We are honored to have such a great team of capable, hard-working employees.

It took decades of fighting for women to get the vote in 1920, and it took another century of persistence to get us to where we are today. The fact that we have so many women active in local government here is a strong reminder of those efforts. Women’s Equality Day is well worthy of celebration.

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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