Artesia parent starts Adopt-A-Teacher Facebook group to support educators

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ARTESIA, N.M. –  A New Mexico mother of two thought of a unique way to help teachers lighten their load amid COVID.

“This has turned out to be something bigger than I ever expected,” said Kindra Guy, founder of Artesia Public Schools ‘Adopt-a-Teacher.’ “I’ve just been so frustrated with COVID and being on lockdown and not being able to do anything, so for me this is a way to shine a light, getting ready for the school year.”

While students adjust to their ‘new normal,’ Guy said teachers could use a helping hand, too. So, she created the “Adopt-a-Teacher: Artesia Public Schools” on Facebook to help teachers get the support they need this upcoming school year.

“It started with a little post on my personal page and someone said that ‘maybe I should make a group,’ and so I did, and this morning, we got 500 members and it’s awesome. I’m excited about it,” Guy said. “We set it up to where each teacher can list their Amazon wish list and you just pick a teacher. You can pick one or you can pick ten, just purchase what you can do. I know for myself, I purchased for about a dozen teachers on a small level, but I’ve had people that have taken a teacher and bought everything off their list, and it’s amazing.”

Guy said some items vary from masks to school supplies.

“They’re able to add things to their wish list, like school supplies, masks, decorations for their rooms, books; there’s been a lot of great books that’s come out about COVID, social distancing and masks, especially for the younger kids to be able to get these stories for the masks and make them more comfortable wearing them and being able to get through their day easier.”

The website caters to teachers in the Artesia Public Schools district. Guy hopes local communities will follow suit and create their own for teachers in need.

“I encourage them to start their own groups in their areas and I think that’s the best way to have people affected,” she said. “I think it’s important that our teachers are excited to go back to school, and so this is something to let them know the parents are behind them and we’re excited for our kids to be back.”

For more information on how to Adopt-a-Teacher in Artesia, click here.

Source: KOB-4

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