Carlsbad School Board releases new proposal for upcoming school year

On Tuesday night, our school board voted to accept one of two proposals for the upcoming school year. The primary difference between the two proposals was when the school year will begin and end.

Based on the school board’s decision, Jumpstart will start August 24th. Jumpstart is basically a catch-up phase for students who were not able to do online learning last spring and for SPED students. Other students will be provided with remote-learning opportunities during this time.

Full re-entry, utilizing a hybrid model, will begin on September 8. The hybrid model means that students will either go to physical school on Monday and Tuesday or on Thursday and Friday, with the other three days of the week being devoted to online learning.

The last day of the school year will be on June 24, 2021.Please keep in mind that this is all conditional on state approval. There is still a chance that the state will require online only schooling this fall.

This hasn’t been easy for anyone, but our school district has very possibly battled the hardest challenge of them all, and there’s no perfect solution. Thanks again to our school board, school administrators and, most of all, our teachers, for working so hard to make this plan possible.

-Mayor Dale Janway

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