Artesia Little League hopes to have players back on the field July 1


A note from Artesia Little League:

“Until the Governor amends her health order to allow competitive sports, or at least until they are allowed to share a ball, our hands are tied. Jaycee Park will not be opened until this happens. Defying the Governors orders could be detrimental to our city. I don’t doubt this for a second. There is good reason to believe that July 1, we may get the go ahead for this. I know we have been stringing you along, we don’t like it anymore than you do. We are however unwilling to throw in the towel until after we hear from her July 1. Our kids are important to us , our parents are important to us, our volunteers are important to us. Please hang in just a bit longer.”


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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