Critter Control at City of Champions Sports Complex


Groundbreaking for the new City of Champion Sports Complex being built within the walking/running path of Jaycee Park began two weeks ago! The contracted company for the project, Hellas, has essential credentials, so it’s full steam ahead on the fields scheduled for completion September 29th in time for youth soccer and football! In light of the widespread closures and calls for isolation, the project is a bright spot on the horizon for the community. The private donors on the project insist that the plans for the fields go forward despite the uncertainty laying thick due to COVID-19, in the hopes of rallying hope for Artesia once the orders to stay at home are lifted.

Design for the fields includes a solution to stop gophers and rattlesnakes from sharing the space; a large 3 foot trench will enclose the entire field complex and will then be pumped full of concrete. The below-ground concrete will prevent gophers from tunneling to the synthetic turf fields and stop snakes from slithering in as well. Project coordinator, Rocky Hocker, quips, “they [gophers and snakes] can’t live in a place they can’t access.” Additional critter control includes a 6 foot fence built around the fields, but within the circumference of the walking path. The field will be fitted with wind slats and will help to deter the plentiful jackrabbits and any passing coyote.

The walking path WILL remain open during construction. The workout equipment will be relocated to the west side of the complex for continued use during this time as well.

This project seeks additional donations to complete shelters for players and spectators and to finish additional bathroom facilities. If you’d like to contribute, please contact the committee of local volunteers and parents via the City of Champions Sports Complex Facebook Page.

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