NM under quarantine- schools cancelled and warnings against large public gatherings

All New Mexico public schools have been canceled, starting Monday, for three weeks.

The governor’s office said in a news release that the closure of K-12 public schools is in response to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus.

“This is a proactive measure to limit the potential community spread of COVID-19,” said Education Secretary Ryan Stewart. “We have seen other states take this measure after they have experienced community spread of this virus. New Mexico is going to be proactive and do everything we can to prevent the potential spread of the virus. I have been in communication with all of our superintendents about this proactive step, and we are all going to work together to address this public health challenge.”

Also, New Mexico Department of Health released an order today temporarily prohibiting mass gatherings across the state.  Please check on events you were planning to attend to confirm cancellations.

New Mexico Department of Health’s order

FAQs about the Health Department’s order on mass gatherings:

Source: NMDOH/KOB-4

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