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Focus Carlsbad Summer 2022 | Rustle Up a Posse

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The phrase "rustle up a posse" has a number of different connotations in Southeastern New Mexico.

Historically, a posse is a group of civilians called upon by a sheriff to assist temporarily in preserving the peace or placing a fugitive under arrest. The deputized posse of Lincoln County in 1878, composed of Billy the Kid, Dick Brewer, Charlie Bowdre, Henry Brown, Jose Chavez, and the Coe brothers, holds the title as the most notorious posse in the region. This infamous posse played a critical role in the Lincoln County War between warring merchants and cattlemen John Tunstall, James Dolan, and L.G. Murphy. The second meaning of the word posse, however, refers to a group of friends or associates. This second meaning much more accurately describes a modern posse operating today in SENM. The Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse, while a sheriff’s posse in name, serves an entirely different function than keeping the peace. The Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse is a nonprofit organization entirely run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The mission of the organization is to promote Eddy County, the sport of rodeo, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and equine and rider safety. The current group of volunteers has worked tirelessly over the past five years to develop into the active community-minded group that it is today.
ECSP Taylor Desert Sky Barrels

ECSP does much more than simply promote; it operates the arena known as the Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse Arena, develops a schedule for practices and events, as well as rents out stalls and RV spaces at 1601 Greene Street. The practice and events schedules are available on the ECSP Facebook page as well as on the Pearl of the Pecos’s online community calendar.

The posse serves diverse communities of boot-wearing equestrians. Dressage and jumping are two other types of equine sports that the posse manages at the arena, in addition to all types of rodeo events like roping, barrels, and pole bending.

ECSP Fearless

All the equine events that the posse coordinates are free to the public. That means folks from around the community are welcome to come out to the grandstands and check out action-packed events. Local groups like Horns-n-Heels Team Ropings, Desert Sky Barrel Racing, and Jr. Posse Playdays all use the Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse Arena to practice the sport they love most.

The consistent use of the Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse Arena attracts other types of folks from around the community too. Vendors and photographers become part of the events and activities at the arena. The Eddy County Sheriff’s Posse Arena is a hive of community activity and unifies folks with all kinds of hobbies and interests. Thanks to the creativity and vision of the dedicated volunteer team, also known as the Sheriff’s Posse, the action is always happening at the arena in Carlsbad!

ECSP - Jennie Rennie
Pole bending ECSP

Photos by Kylee Creasy, K-Cross Photography


Article written by Kaity Hirst and originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2022 Summer edition.

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