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Gem & Mineral Show Recap

The Carlsbad Gem and Mineral Society held their annual Gem and Mineral Show at the Living Desert State Park this past weekend. The foyer of the Living Desert State Park was filled with vendors and local gem and mineral enthusiasts proudly displaying their collections. Ethiopian water opals gleamed and shimmered in water baths and tabletop fountains. Amethyst crystals, selenite, gypsum, turquoise, and hundreds of other individual types of curious rocks and minerals showed at the longstanding event. In addition to the raw mineral and gems, vendors also offered finished and refined pieces made from gems and minerals from around the world. Necklaces, earrings, and decorative objects also featured heavily in the show. 
According to the Carlsbad Gem and Mineral Society of Carlsbad’s website they take pride, “in the daily contribution to individual and community education of gemology, mineralogy, geology, fossils, and lapidary. We believe that by sharing common knowledge and values we can increase the opportunity of each individual within the membership and community.”
They have a diverse membership group with a wide range of skills and expertise. The organization’s goal is to improve individual lives and lives of those throughout the gem and mineral community. The group meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the North Mesa Senior Recreation Center located at 1112 North Mesa Street in Carlsbad and visitors are encouraged to attend. 

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