A Plethora of Pecans

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It’s every Southeastern New Mexican’s seasonal, part time hobby: pecan picking. And pecan season is about to be upon us. Whether or not it’s an activity you enjoy or a total chore to clean up the nuts, its a shared regional experience. Those big, beautiful shade trees in the spring and summer release their fall bounty by the bushel throughout Roswell, Artesia, and Carlsbad.

Young children enjoy picking up pecans with pails or bags, but many adults prefer to use specialty tools like the nut gathers or nut weasels (purchase these implements at any local hardware store). Any of these methods is effective, but the method you use is entirely personal preference. 

Locals enjoy cracking the shells of the nuts to enjoy the flesh immediately. Crack two pecans together by pressing them together. Remember, this method requires a lot of force. Other methods include gently hammering pecan shells to reveal the honey colored nut or utilizing a Big Texas mechanical cracker or a hand hand no-mess cracker. 

Remember it is illegal to vandalize city pecan trees by throwing ropes or heavy objects at the trees to release the pecans. It is also illegal to harvest fallen nuts from the privately owned pecan orchards scattered throughout our area. Love the trees and respect private property when you’re gathering your pecans.

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