Vaccination requirements for NM


A number of serious concerns have been raised regarding the state’s most recent public health order. One aspect of the order prohibits anyone from attending the state fair without a vaccine. This means that young people across the state who have been raising livestock to participate in the fair may not be able to do so – and they wouldn’t even have time to obtain a vaccine if they desire to do so. 

Perhaps the greatest concern is over the new requirement that all members of the medical community be vaccinated, with a limited number of exceptions.  We support vaccinations as a way to reduce the risks of COVID-19 and have done so for a long time. However, the latest mandate creates a new serious risk to the safety of New Mexicans. Hospitals across New Mexico are already stretched to the limit – during a time when they are needed the most.  Hundreds of nurses and other health care workers who have yet to receive their vaccine may be suspended very soon if this mandate goes into effect. Nurses are always in high demand. There are also some instances where it may be impossible to fill a specific critical vacancy. 

While we hope more of our health care workers will obtain their COVID-19 vaccine, this mandate may lead to many more problems than it might resolve. 

Most Carlsbad residents were pleased by news this week that the Department of Interior announced that leasing for oil and gas permits on public land has resumed. 

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