Critter Care Center welcomes new veterinarian, Alexis Rapozo D.V.M

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Riotous roses bloom full force at Critter Care on West Richardson Avenue. The different varieties at the veterinary clinic dot the business front with pops of color against the warm gold bricks. The many different colored roses are eye-candy for any drivers along 7th Street, and serve as the welcoming committee for furry, four-legged clients and their biped humans. The blooms this year are not the only major feature of 2021; Critter Care sports a new sign and branding with sweet kitten features. It’s looking fresh at the local vet clinic owned by Stephanie Simons. Other big changes to the clinic include the welcoming of Alexis Rapozo, D.V.M at Critter Care. Dr. Rapozo graduated in May 2021 from Washington State University. She began working for Critter Care under Dr. Simons in 2019. 

Dr. Rapozo’s favorite animal is a dog, “but cats are a close second,” she adds. Dr. Simons struggles with the “what’s your favorite  animal question” because she loves so many…dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and birds, and the list goes on! Dr. Simons enjoys most of all, “seeing her patients thrive, being happy and healthy, and overcoming illness.”

When they are not at the clinic working tirelessly to care for the animals of Artesia, Dr. Simons can be found with her husband and boys wandering the mountains or curled up with a good book or crocheting a few stitches. Dr. Ropzoa fills her free time with a bit of cooking and nature photography. She also helps her fiancé shepherd the Ramirez Family Livestock show sheep and goat flocks. 

If you’ve not yet stopped to smell the roses at Critter Care, bring your beloved pets in for a check up. Allow the staff to serve with “genuine compassion and concern. They will rejoice and gieve alongside their patients and their owners.” Maybe even sit a spell on the front porch in those iconic turquoise chairs. 

“I believe animals add a tremendous amount of intangible value to our lives, and I enjoy being able to facilitate relationships between people and their pets by providing high quality medical care.”

–Dr. Rapozo

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