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“Spirit of Carlsbad” Awards Highlights from Mayor Janway


There were numerous outstanding recognitions Thursday evening, but two that stood out were the “Comeback” awards provided by the Ricky Garcia Foundation. Kameran Williams and Ashley Lopez were honored as the “Comeback Kid” and “Comeback Woman” of the year by Garcia, who spoke emotionally about a time he got into trouble in his youth, but was straightened out by Ray Anaya. 

Of course, everyone at City Hall also especially appreciated the comments by Valeria Quezada, who interned here over the past two years and very deservedly received the “Student Citizen of the Year” award. She did an excellent job during her time at city hall. Our other student selections: Joseph Kindopp, Devyn Martinez and Kandle Kitchens, were all highly deserving recipients as well. 

Our final recipient of the evening was John Heaton, who was honored for his unparalleled service to this community by assisting with brine well remediation, with college independence and numerous other projects. Congratulations to all of the wonderful men and women selected, and thank you again to our committee members. 

Special thanks to all of our facility maintenance and Riverwalk Recreation Center employees, who always go above and beyond to make our events special. Renee Madrid and Wanda Aguilar are two of New Mexico’s best events decorators. It was also wonderful to be able to listen to Voncile King sing again, and to have our Honor Guard present. Thank you to Garry Schwalk for delivering our benediction.

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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