Interactive maps to tour the best Christmas light displays in Eddy County

cb lights

Holiday lights flicker and shine in the early winter nights of southern New Mexico! It’s a magical time of the year! If you’re looking for an out-of-the-house, socially-distanced activity for the month of December, check out the self-directed tour of lights in Carlsbad and Artesia. Both cities have citizens who created Google Maps of holiday lights going up. The Google Maps are open source, so anyone who would like to have their house added to the tour may include their address as they wish. 

Carlsbad resident, Stephanie Williams, created the interactive map “Christmas Lights in Carlsbad, NM”. 

Artesian, Brad Hirst, began the interactive map “Christmas Lights in Artesia”.

Pack your thermoses with hot cocoa, and hop in the car or take a stroll to enjoy the thoughtful light displays in the region. Christmas on the Pecos CEO, Chad Ingram, encourages SENM residents, “not to lose hope, get in the car with your loved ones and go look at Christmas lights. Watch the twinkle in your children’s eyes as they dream of what this season can bring. Remember what your childhood was like when you saw those flashing lights. Make this holiday season memorable for all the things we still can do.” 

Special thank you Rocio Espino-Martinez for honoring Focus with your light photos! 

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