Focus on Carlsbad Fall 2020 | Southeast Eats: The Unexpected Patio Trend


In the new era in which we find ourselves at 25-50% maximum capacity for indoor dining service, it’s increasingly important to have an excellent patio situation to serve patrons.

The most important feature of patio dining is shade. No matter if it’s natural shade from an old oak tree or a festive tent in any shape or color, cover from the fierce desert sun is a must. While many establishments have chosen to equip their operations with event tents to conform to state orders regarding COVID safe practices, other businesses have capitalized on their outdoor patio spaces already in place.

Even before mandated outdoor dining, some patio seating has been in use all over the city and the county. Places like the Church Street Grill, Yellow Brix, and Blue House Coffee Shop are a few of the permanent patios around town. The silver lining to the forced outdoor seating experience is that, even when a restaurant only has a few people dining outside, it looks like it’s the scene of the party. Outdoor seating creates instant atmosphere and vitality.

Now, more than ever, we appreciate the ingenuity behind these hospitable spaces that local restaurateurs create.

Check out this map produced by the Chamber of Commerce that indicates businesses with patios in the area:

  • Patios in Carlsbad

  • Balzano Family Vineyard & Pumpkin Patch

  • Lucy’s Mexicali Restaurant

  • PJ and B’s Rio Cafe

  • Yellow Brix Restaurant

  • Blue House Bakery & Cafe

  • Guadalupe Mountain Brewing Co

  • El Charro

  • El Jimador Restaurant

  • Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream and More

  • Red Chimney Bar-B-Q

  • May’s Dari-Lea Drive In

  • Southern Vibes Cafe

  • Church Street Grill

  • Sno to Go North

  • Sno To Go South LLC

  • My Daddy’s Bar-B-Que

  • Thirsty’s LLC

  • Rosy’s Mexican Restaurant

  • Queen Cafe & Campground

  • Cal’s Shade Western

  • Pecos River Cafe

  • Milton’s Brewing

  • Denny’s

  • Roadrunner Mexican Restaurant

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

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