Mental health support groups for children in southeast NM

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Mental health has been a major discussion point throughout the COVID-outbreak and shutdown, and we know many of our local kids are suffering a great deal. Carlsbad’s Child Advocacy Center and the United Way of Eddy County have developed “Growth-Centered Groups” to assist children with coping with feelings of isolation and finding healthy ways to cope with their feelings. To secure a spot in the first session, please complete a referral form by Sept. 4. You can complete a referral form at Please call the CAC at (575) 200-3929.

Small groups meet once a week for up to an hour for six weeks.  Groups are offered through Google Meets and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.  Participants will receive a delivery of items to allow them to participate in sessions in a variety of multi-sensory ways.  Groups are developed by SENMCAC Mental Health Clinicians and will be facilitated by clinicians and preventionists that work with children each day.

Parents and Caregivers will have access to a private social media group that will feature weekly helpful tips and coping techniques that can be reinforced in the home.  Parents and Caregivers will also be offered the opportunity to attend a monthly group, where questions about supporting children during the times of COVID-19 can be answered.


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