Community rallies around local mom of 4 battling cancer


At the age of 31, Jasmine Barrera was 5 months pregnant and diagnosed with breast cancer. After completing four chemotherapy treatments during pregnancy, labor was induced at 34 weeks. Jasmine’s son was born healthy with no medical issues and 2 weeks later she began additional chemotherapy treatments.

Scheduled to receive 12 treatments she wasn’t able to finish due to low blood counts, resulting in a double mastectomy. Due to how aggressive the cancer became an additional 35 radiation treatments followed and Jasmine’s remission began October of 2019.

In July 2020, a spot was found in Jasmine’s lungs during her follow up MRI.  After further testing, Jasmine’s oncologist told her the cancer had come back, it has spread and there is not a cure. Jasmine began fighting back with aggressive treatments to keep the cancer from spreading and is possibly a good candidate for surgery in Houston, Texas by MD Anderson.

Jasmine states: “I am a huge believer in God, and I have held on tight to my faith, these last 3 years have been rough. If you see me in person on the outside you would never know this how hard my fight has been. I smile and laugh as if I am healthy as can be, I refuse to feel sick, I refuse to let it get me down. For me, for my kids, for my husband for my family”

Jasmine’s post to Facebook on July 20th, 2020 tells a story of someone not ready to give up, that was standing in the face of fear and fighting back. Receiving enormous support from friends and family. Jasmine’s post went viral with 202 reactions and 345 comments, waking up her community to stand beside her.

Jasmine’s sister, Geraldine Meranda Romo-Melendez, began fundraising to help cover medical and travel cost for Jasmine. Several other local Artesia residents began to help raise awareness, the local charity, Clothed-In Love raising close to $3000 within 2 weeks selling custom bracelets baring the words JASMINE B. on one side and Proverbs 31:25 on the other. Car Club Spokz & Lokz helped with fundraising by selling dinner plates, and the local Desert Willow Photography is working on a fundraiser as well.

Jasmine says “with every bit and piece of my heart I am beyond grateful, I am in tears on how much support we have gotten, thank you to everyone for everything, especially for the prayers, God bless you all.”

If you would like to donate to Jasmine’s medical and travel expenses, please contact Jasmine Barrera on Facebook.

By: Jennifer Peterson

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