Locals plan Park & Pray for Artesia General Hospital

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On April 4th the community of Artesia is gathering to park and pray for for the hospital staff, and those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be gathering at Artesia General Hospital, Saturday at 6:30, we are asking people to start showing up at 6:00. KSVP will be broadcasting the event over the radio station. Here is an important note from the organizers:

“We will begin at 6:30. We ask that everyone STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES EVEN YOUR CHILDREN!!!! No congregating allowed!!! We want to be a blessing, and do not want to create stress and anxiety on an already stressed staff!!! Do not block entrances and exits so emergency personnel can enter and exit at any time!!! Parking will be in Lowell’s Parking lot, in front of Yucca Dental, and the empty lot east of Yucca Dental. When that is full, start parking at MLK Park.”

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